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----- Русский -----

Если ваш сайт содержит большую коллекцию SCM/CLEO-скриптов (больше 16), напишите на мой e-mail, и я добавлю его в список. Приветствуются скрипты, которые не встречаются на других сайтах ... Спасибо. ))))

----- English -----

If your website has a big enough collection of SCM/CLEO scripts (more than 16) notify me by e-mail
, and I will add it to the list. The unique scripts are preferable ... Thank you. ))))
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San Andreas Mission Packs

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1San Andreas Mission Packs Empty San Andreas Mission Packs Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:36 am



Mission packs are used to get additional script content into the game. They are never used in the original game,
but they can be used for modding purposes. The script of the mission pack(s) uses the same format as main.scm (.scm) the texts use the
game as the American.gxt (.gxt) Mission packs are an experimental waste. When using a mission pack, in the game menu you are given, a option to,
start the mission pack(s) or the original game.

Mission packs must be located in the User Files directory of your San Andreas installation. It depends on what platform you're using in where
they are placed:

* Windows Vista – C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\
* Windows XP/ – C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\

So, go to one of the places above^ on you're computer(depends on the platform), create a new folder and call it "MPACK".
In this folder you created, create another folder, and call this one:



(Number is the number you need to place there). You start the first mission "MPACK1" you increase the number going up by one for the next mission.
(So, if you create a second mission pack it would be "MPACK2" for example).

Open an other window on you're computer, and go to San Andreas/data/script/
Copy your script from there, and then go to San Andreas/texts/ and copy you're GXT file from there, and rename them:


* Reanme the main.scm to "scr.scm"
* Rename the GXT file to "text.gxt"

Then, create a new file called "mpack.dat" and open it, with something like Notepad, then, write the following text in there:


<number> #<name>#

The file needs to end with an # character. <number> is the number of the mission pack, the rule is the same as you did above.

Replace <name> with the name of your mission pack, this can be anything, there is no need for a special name.
(This text will appear in the games menu, when selecting the mission pack, so name it whatever you want the pack to be named).
Make sure that you leave a # character in front of this name, this is very important!


The game skips the external script header in the script file, and this makes it it impossible to read external scripts in the script.img
But there was a patch created, by Seemann, and some of his Sanny Builder community. Get the patch in the links;below

Using this patch you can place your script.img archive file including your external scripts in the
"San Andreas\data\script" directory of the game and rename it to
"script<number>.img" (number means that number of your mission pack number).

Bad Points

Because there unfinished projects, created by Rockstar, they are very limited in their functionality
The greatest two problems is:


1: All external scripts can never be used, they may only be used with the patch.
2: Only one monolingual text may be used, this can make a big problem.

Good Points

But do not get the idea of mission packs, being useless. They are a good way for users to make modifications, without, making any changes to
there main.scm, test modifications, easily, and quickly, which helps a lot, when experimenting. And no need to keep changing save games, and scripts,
all the time, the game remembers the current mission pack in the savegame used, only thing you have to do it load it. And you can actually use 2 scripts next to each other.

English Link

GTAForums Topic

Russian Link



Mission Pack Fix

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