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----- Русский -----

Если ваш сайт содержит большую коллекцию SCM/CLEO-скриптов (больше 16), напишите на мой e-mail, и я добавлю его в список. Приветствуются скрипты, которые не встречаются на других сайтах ... Спасибо. ))))

----- English -----

If your website has a big enough collection of SCM/CLEO scripts (more than 16) notify me by e-mail
, and I will add it to the list. The unique scripts are preferable ... Thank you. ))))
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FAQ for Scripting (Freqently Asked Questions)

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1FAQ for Scripting (Freqently Asked Questions) Empty FAQ for Scripting (Freqently Asked Questions) on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:10 am



For the people who can speak only English, I am writing this, since I had not done a English version.

Q: I must use a timer for my CLEO script/mission, how do I use this in CLEO without the need for global variables?

A: You have to use a special method, see SA Memory Handling Topic.

Q: I am Russian or can speak it - I want my game in Russian language, how do I do this?

A: The game does not support Cyrillic letters normally, but there is a tool made by yelmi which allows support. First modify your front files to they support Cyrillic, and then write a sentence in yelmi's tool in Russian, and it will translate into a form in order to display what you wrote in-game. (More information in the readme file.)

FXT_EDITOR (Rus) 1.0 -

Q: I want learn how to script, what do I have to-do?

A: The most logical answer would be to pratice - it's impossible for most people to learn how to script within one day, this is a programming language. You should read the information on this website. Also you should read the other tutorials on GTAForums - and

Q: Learning how to program is really not my thing, can someone just make my mod for me?

A: Well, depends on what you want to be made, you can request for small things here and the GTAForums - Request Topic don't get your "hopes up" because many people are busy, and it depends on how hard/time consuming your mod(s) is to make.

Q: What is CLEO 3, what does it do?

A: CLEO is a tool that hooks some of the DLL files in SA, that extends coding possibilities in the game. The auother of CLEO 3 is also Seemann - a Russian programmer and GTA mission scripter. You can read all about CLEO 3 at his website. With CLEO 3 you can add custom scripts/missions without the need of starting a "New Game".

In English language
На русском языке

Q: Which software/programms do I need to edit the main.scm file?

A: There are three mission building tools, Sanny Builder , Mission Builder and Point, the best one is Sanny Builder - the another's are out-dated, and not as good.

Q: What is a Mission Pack, and how do I use them?

A: A Mission Pack is a way of getting extra content into the game without editing the SCM-file or using CLEO. When the game starts you have a option to choose between "Normal game" and the Mission Pack(s), this is a great way of sharing mods. Read these topics for more information:

Q: Can I mod GTA 4 if I learn how to script in San Andreas?

A: No. GTA 4 uses a different scripting language, and engine. You have to learn LUA, and/or C/C++.

Q: Compiler error: "Label 'loop' redeclared." - and what does this mean?

A: It means that you used a label in the same script with exactally the same name. So you change it.

View Sanny Builder Error animated GIF-file

Q: Compiler error: "Incorrect number of conditions, 9 max." - and what does this mean?

A: You got a loop if only one condtion, but you used if and/or, when you should have used just "if".
Like that:


if or // WRONG!!
0248:  model #INFERNUS available
jf @Label

Q: "Not enough actual parameters!" - and what does this mean?

A: It's very common problem, and even more so for new scripters. There are too few parameters. And check if you need to commas or not.


0100:  actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_sphere 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 radius 4.0 4.0 4.0 sphere 1 in_car

In this there should not be comma's, it's totally wrong. Just remove them, and everything will be fine.

Q: I have a Sanny Builder Error, what should I do?

A: Well, Sanny Builder will give you a error message when you get something wrong and it will tell you the problem. Read it and try to figure out the problem.

Q: My game just crashed. I can not do anything with my PC, what should I do next time?

A: Before you get into GTA:SA, download this tool: - press F7 when the game crashed, and your .exe will be killed right away.

Q: $PLAYER_CHAR and $PLAYER_ACTOR - the difference is?

A: ... the difference is that $PLAYER_ACTOR is the actual player (it's like the variable of a actor you spawn but the one for CJ) $PLAYER_CHAR is the core-root of the player. In GTA 4 this is vice-versa. For example if we want to add some rubles to CJ's pocket we use:


0109: player $PLAYER_CHAR money += 10000

, where we would use $PLAYER_ACTOR to put CJ somewhere (opcode 00A1).

Q: How do you (scripter's) remember all them nearly 2000 opcodes in your head?

A: Most of us only remember about 20. We use Sanny Builder's - Opcode Search Tool to find opcodes. Tools > IDE tools > Opcode Search, CTRL+ALT+2.

Q: I downloaded a mod, but I can't understand because it's in a different language.

A: Well, you will find 80% of the people who play SA are not English/American, there is nothing you can do if you can't understand. Ask someone who speaks that language to give you a translation.

Q: Is there a difference between the main.scm of SA and VC? What is it?

A: Yea, sure. SA is more advanced, there are things SA has that VC does not have, e.g. real good array support, external scripts, mission scripting contructions.

Q: How can I find object ID's?

A: Use Map Editor. Also see this:

Q: Where can I find the model names of pedestrians, weapons and vehicles?

A: Just press '#' in Sanny Builder, or look in the data folders of SA. For weapons you can also see Sanny Builder -> Help.

Q: How can I get co-ordnates in-game?

A: Use Sanny Builder, go to "Insert Coords" or click the right mouse and click "Insert" or press Shift+Ctrl+C.

Q: Why isn't my text showing up, in the FXT file I did?

A: You named the entry over 7 chars, or you have too many spaces, or you did not write the entry using Latin letters, (i.e. if your Russian you may have written the entry using Cyrillic letters).

Q: The game crashed in the loading bar, after I have installed CLEO 3. Why?

A: You problay have the wrong .exe file. Use this one:

Password to the RAR archive file is: CVehicle ("C "and "V" MUST be in CAPITAL letters)

Q: Where can I find a list of all GXT entry's for all supported GTA games in SB?

A: GXT texts for all supported games can be found in the Sanny Builder\help\GXT Strings folder. An the SA's list the creator of it is AleX AciD.

Q: How do I convert a decimal number to a hexadecimal one?

A: Use the Sanny Builder convert feature insert the mouse before the number and press Ctrl+H.

Q: What does opcode 0000 do?

A: Nothing much. It's just used at the start of a quick CLEO script usually to aviode the jump to 0 offset bug. See:

Q: What is a ASM injector?

A: See these topics: Russian English


Add-ons, spelling corrections and anything else is welcome, I have not finished this FAQ yet.



A tutorial about showing different kinds of text with the games memory, and how showing Russian texts via script works, etc.

Tutorial for in-game displaying text with memory

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