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Global and Local Variables

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1 Global and Local Variables on Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:14 am

Global and Local Variables:

Local Variables:

Local Variables are denoted by a @
Their values are available only within the current thread.
Scripts and external scripts have a setback of 0@ to 33@ in San Andreas. 32@ and 33@ are denoted as local timers have should NOT be used or anything

San Andreas missions have a much bigger setback than it's threads. SA missions uses locals in range of 0@ to 1023@

Global Variables:

Global Variables are denoted by a $ sign (dollar)
Their values are available from any place of a code. You must NOT use them for different things in main.scm

In CLEO scripts Global Variables can make crashes, or bugs. The only ones which should(can) be used are:



Beware that these Globals below have the same meaning as what they are pointing too! So be careful you do not use them for anything else.


$409 -> $ONMISSION

Also if you're using these in normal main be careful that you do NOT use one which is used for something else. Check first!

CLEO 3 Rules:


1: No Globals other than the ones I spoke about above(and ones from the CustomVariables.txt).
2: Use 0A93: to end a CLEO thread not 004E: ( 0A93 =-> 0A93: end_custom_thread, 004E =-> 004E: end_thread )
3: In a mission script do not use 0A93: to end the mission, you must use 004E: like normal.
4: To compile a CLEO script as *.cs (custom script) use -> {$CLEO} or -> {$CLEO .cs}

5: To compile a CLEO mission script *.cm (custom mission) use -> {$CLEO .cm}
The starter pack of the mission you must start the mission with 0A94: (starter pack is normal thread so it should be a *.cs file)

Write the name of the *.cm you want to start *.cm is not needed as the opcode will search for the file with the extant.
Missions are not recommended for newbies.

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