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[help] storing weapons

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1 [help] storing weapons on Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:09 am

Hi I was recently playing GTA VCS and though its basicly another vice city with some changes it has some features I wanna add to SA. For example a handy thing is when you die or get arrested it stores your weapons and for some money returns them. But I am not sure how to store the weapons. ty

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2 Re: [help] storing weapons on Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:02 am

There is a opcode that exist for keeping stuff after the player has been wasted or busted,(opcode 08dd). Do not know if it's what your looking for, - I, myself, have never played GTA: VCS. To get specific weapon data from the player you can use 04b8. Use Sanny Builder's Opcode Search Tool, to see if there is any opcode that may help you Grin Smile.

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3 Re: [help] storing weapons on Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:12 am

Thx will do also how does the game know which police station or hospital to respawn?

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4 Re: [help] storing weapons on Mon Apr 27, 2009 8:10 am

How does it know where to spawn CJ? In the main.scm there exist opcodes to check. The game engine checks what city the
player is in, and then finds the nearest hospital/police station from where the player has died, opcode 016c controls the spawn places co-ordinates. What controls the actual wasted/busted setup checks is actually checked by the EXE(gtasa.exe).


016c: restart_if_wasted_at xyz angle <a> town_number 0, 1, or 2

The gtasa.exe can be opened with a hexadecimal editor, and you can look at opcodes codes using IDA Pro which is a dissembler and debugger, though, unfortunately, - it's not free.

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5 Re: [help] storing weapons on Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:01 am

hmm this is more advanced than I thought lol u know of any thing thats been done similar to this?

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6 Re: [help] storing weapons on Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:29 am

Привет Grin Smile. Hacking the EXE? Yes, I have done some EXE hacking via HEX editor, others like Seemann, Alexander Blade, and etc, also have. I'm not quite sure, what your target is, - I never played VCS.

Though, if this feature of VCS is controlled by the EXE(weapon-thing), this means the setup when being wasted/busted is completely different from that of SA's one. I have never even looked at the EXE file of VCS, before, I do not have the game, to-do so.

It would help, if I had the game to see how the wasted/busted setup works in VCS, but unfortunately, - I do not have it. (May be I'll buy it next time I see it in a game store.)

If you mean doing the wasted/busted setup exactly the same as VCS one, then, sorry, I'm afraid I do not know of any project, that have done this, even on Russian or German forums, ... I have ever seen any project like that.


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7 Re: [help] storing weapons on Sat May 02, 2009 4:46 am

well I don't mean exactly I meant a cleo that if arrested it stores your current weapons and places an icon in front of the police station (yes I see that there's a ton of cords involved)and for a price gives you your weapons back. It would probly be faster just to do it for one town but I'm not sure how to store the weapons in the first place, or how to use the opcodes you said. wow thats realy long why can't I write like this on the ELA tests lol

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8 Re: [help] storing weapons on Sat May 02, 2009 10:59 am

Storing ALL weapons 'as-in' like you can with a vehicle? No exact opcode in SA exists to do this. But has been said - you can get weapon data from the player... could think of a way to possibly to do it - via script, but I think the result will not be as good as it should be. The problem is when the player is holding a weapon -- that is so easy to store, but if he has any other weapons there usually not "active" -- until the player is holding them (as in functionality).

Sure, its possible, but I think R* did it by EXE for a reason (IMO, its not trustworthy of doing it via script). BTW, you can use "57" for any weapon. For example check if player is hit by any weapon you could use:

  031D:  actor $PLAYER_ACTOR hit_by_weapon 57  // 57 by any weapon

57(0x39) - any weapon
49(0x31) - any car

I know that will not help much, but I just thought I would bring it up, if it helps you with something else...

wow thats realy long why can't I write like this on the ELA tests lol

Long? If your speaking about the EXE, yes it's damn long. Wink If your speaking about the Russian words, then, yea, you're right, there long. Randomly I speak Russian even if the user is not Russian. The alphabet has 33 letters, and is known as the Cyrillic modified alphabet. Some words for you to comprehend:

Спасибо = Thanks
До свидания = Good bye
Пока = Bye
Привет = Hi
Добро пожаловать! = Welcome!
Да = Yes
Нет = No

Russian Alphabet:

А, Б, В, Г, Д, Е, Ё, Ж, З, И, Й, К, Л, М, Н, О, П, Р, С, Т, У, Ф, Х, Ц, Ч, Ш, Щ, Ъ, Ы, Ь, Э, Ю, Я

Hope this helps! Grin Smile Now you can speak some Russian to the GTAForums members. Wink

When saying the word "Thank you" (Cyrillic: Спасибо Latin: spasiba) in Russian to someone its pronounced "spa-see-ba", where as in German "thanks" is spelled "Danke" in Japanese(日本語) its "ありがとう". In Greek I'm sure "thanks" would be: "Ευχαριστώ". Even though I am not here to teach you languages - if you have any question, then feel free to ask Grin Smile.

Last edited by gtasbigfoot on Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:20 am; edited 3 times in total

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9 Re: [help] storing weapons on Sat May 02, 2009 11:10 am

I didn't know this was a language class lol thx but yea I see what you mean. Oh I found a work around you know how some girlfriends in SA can keep your weapons when your die? I'll use that opcode with a save disc well no that'd look weird in-game do you know how to add new objects? Cuz I wanna add another instead of the ones in sa. спасибо Wink

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10 Re: [help] storing weapons on Sat May 02, 2009 12:01 pm

Simply put the object you want into the gta3.img file, and then use MEd for the rest, objects in-game are of course placed by IPL files. Be careful though, SA has a very strict limit for objects. (It's not very hard at all to place your own objects in game.) If you was asking how to make your own model then the answer is 3D's Max, Gmax, or Zmodeler, I am sure you already know that though.


Вы очень добро пожаловать! Grin Smile

I didn't know this was a language class lol

Hehe... Grin Smile


P.S. You can also load a IPL file via script:


0A9F: 0@ = current_thread_pointer
0@ += 0x10
0A8D: 0@ = read_memory 0@ size 4 virtual_protect 0
0@ -= @IPL

0AA5: call 0x5B8700 num_params 1 pop 1 0@

  "data\maps\vegas\test.ipl" 00

Also garages can be created via script, using 0x005B4530.


0AA5: call 0x5B4530 num_params 1 pop 1 0@

As discussed in the SA Memory Example Topic.

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11 Re: [help] storing weapons on Sat May 02, 2009 12:16 pm

You're too smart.

Wink I'm starting to think you know everything. Good

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12 Re: [help] storing weapons on Mon May 11, 2009 2:18 am

Alex I'm starting to agree with u and I backup'd the game to an iso on my pc so I might be able to send the files like a main.scm if it has one...
Edit- it does but I can't decomplie it and the help says its impossible to decomplie..

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13 Re: [help] storing weapons on Mon May 11, 2009 8:54 am


Спасибо! у тебя есть Visual Studio С++? Могу найти ссылку на него. Grin Smile


Thank you. Grin Smile I do not know the reason. But Vice City Stories main.scm you should be able to decompile, but compiling is not supported, yet: , have you clicked on the bottom of Sanny Builder the Vice City Stories icon? Or it is still on San Andreas?


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