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Если ваш сайт содержит большую коллекцию SCM/CLEO-скриптов (больше 16), напишите на мой e-mail, и я добавлю его в список. Приветствуются скрипты, которые не встречаются на других сайтах ... Спасибо. ))))

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If your website has a big enough collection of SCM/CLEO scripts (more than 16) notify me by e-mail
, and I will add it to the list. The unique scripts are preferable ... Thank you. ))))
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IPL Files(placemeant files)

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1IPL Files(placemeant files) Empty IPL Files(placemeant files) on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:05 am

All the IPL files located at; San Andreas/data/maps/## ## meaning a file name. They consist of item placement these files are used to place objects into the GTA world, as well as define zones, paths, garages, interior portals, etc.. These files can be opened, as well as, edited by any text editor.

In San Andreas there is also binary IPL files which are located in the IMG archives of the game.
Normal editors can not edited these files, ;see links below for the tool which can open, and edit them.

The .ipl file(s) are split up into section, not all have to be used, or filled, though.
Each section starts with a section identifier and ends with the keyword "end", both in a separate line.





id, name, int, x, y, z, rx, ry, rz, rw, lod

Unique object identifier. Must match in IDE file identifier. (integer)

Usually same as the .dff model file, without extension. (string)

Interior number; zero for outside. (integer)

x, y, z
Item placement coordinates. (floating point numbers)

sx, sy, sz
Item scale, scales visible model only, doesn't scale the collision model. (floating point numbers)

rx, ry, rz, rw
Item rotations. Defined as quaternion, quite sophisticated math is needed to translate it to Euler angles. A map editing program should be used to edit these.

This is the line number in the current IPL file for the LOD which belongs to this object. The first item in IPL file is line number 0, second is number 1 and so on. A value of -1 means no LOD is used. (integer)


This creates garages for the main.scm to use.


X1, Y1, Z1, frontX, frontY, X2, Y2, Z2, Door, Type, Name

X1, Y1, Z1
Lower left front
frontX, frontY
Lower right front

X2, Y2, Z2
Upper left rear

Type of door

Type of garage

Used to edit garage through the SCM


EnEx's are used for interior connections to real world by placing yellow markers on the map for CJ to walk through. Note that changes to the flags and links of existing markers are not updated by the text files after the save is created so maintaining the proper sequence of enex lines is a primary concern. New connections can be added to an existing save if temporary (burglary) connections are not present in the save data. Indoor saves generally have no temporary enex data. Add the markers at the very end of the gta.dat else it can negatively affect currently placed markers. 376 of 400 possible enex connections are used in a standard game. Pay attention that you may, only add 24 more than the original game installation has.


X1, Y1, Z1, ROT, W1, W2, C8, X2, Y2, Z2, Rot2, Int, Flag, Name, Sky, I2, Time On, Time Off

X1, Y1, Z1
entrance location

InR 0 or 1

X width of entry

Y width of entry

constant 8

X2, Y2, Z2
exit location

exit rotation in degrees

The target interior number

The type of marker

Interior name, used to find the counterpart and to identify via mission script

Sky color changer

unknown integer flags, could be weather related

Time On
enables the marker at this time

Time Off
disables the marker at this time


Almost every weapon pickup in SA is created by main.scm
but you can make them through IPL's as well:


Weapon ID, X, Y, Z

Weapon IDs:

ID    Weapon Name      Ammo
4    Brass Knuckles    
5    Nightstick    
6    Knife    
9    Golf Club    
10    Bat    
11    Shovel    
12    Pool Cue    
13    Katana    
14    Chainsaw    
15    Molotov      8
16    Grenades      8
17    Satchels      5
18    9mm Pistol      30
19    Silenced 9mm      10
20    Desert Eagle      10
21    Shotgun      15
22    SPAS Shotgun      10
23    Tec 9              60
24    Micro SMG      60
25    MP5              60
26    AK47              80
27    M4              80
28    Country Rifle      20
29    Sniper Rifle      10
31    Flamethrower      100
32    Minigun      500
33    Large Purple Dildo    
34    Small White Dildo    
35    Large White Vibrator    
36    Small Black Vibrator    
37    Flowers    
38    Cane    
39    Ringbox    
40    Necklace Box       
41    Cellphone       
43    Teargas        8
44    Minigun (Duplicate) 500
45    SPAS Shotgun (Duplicate)    10
46    Rocket Launcher            4
47    Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher    3
48    Detonator    
49    Spray can                  500
50    Fire Extinguisher          500
51    Camera                          36
52    Night vision Goggles    
53    Infrared Goggles    
54    Jetpack    
55    Parachute    


This creates a Unique Stunt Jump based on the minimum and maximum coordinates for the starting and landing zones. This format conforms with the encoding provided by opcode 0814.



startXmin, startYmin, startZmin, startXmax, startYmax, startZmax, landXmin, landYmin, landZmin,
landXmax, landYmax, landZmax, camX, camY, camZ, reward


Creates black sky if you enter the zone. Also exists for all towns in countryside. Probably custom weather?

San Andreas format


X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?


This creates an audio if you enter the zone.

San Andreas format type 1


Name, ID, Switch, X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2

Name of the zone

Sound played in this zone

Makes it always on or always off. Can be forced using the main.scm using opcode 0917

San Andreas format type 2

Name, ID, Switch, X, Y, Z, Volume

Name of the zone

Sound played in this zone

Makes it always on or always off. Can be forced using the main.scm using opcode 0917

The distance the sound will be heard


San Andreas Auzo Audio IDs
ID    What sound it plays    Description of sound in the unmodified audio streams
4    Ambience track 9    St Mark's violin music
5    Ambience track 6    Beach party bkgd song
8    Ambience track 31    Unused loud hum
10    Ambience track 5    Awards ceremony music
12    Ambience track 34    Loud hum heard on ships
13    Ambience track 23    Low Rider Challenge bkgd song
15    Ambience track 30    Static sound heard on military bases
17    Ambience track 12    Casino bkgd medley
19    Ambience track 4    Quiet hum heard in Area 69
20    Ambience track 2    Fan-like clicking heard in Abattoir
21    Ambience track 1    Quiet hum heard in 24-7s
23    Ambience track 14    Loud hum heard in Dam interior
24    Ambience track 25    Racing sounds heard in ITB lobby
25    Ambience track 24    Quiet hum heard in Planning Dept
26    Ambience track 20    Quiet hum heard in safe houses
28    Ambience track 13    Dance Club bkgd medley
29    Ambience track 13    Dance Club bkgd medley
30    Favorite Radio Station    Stream or User Tracks Player
34    Ambience track 28    Pleasure Domes bkgd medley
36    Ambience track 21    Loud hum heard in Jet interior
37    Ambience track 10    Muzak-type bkgd heard in unused diner interiors
39    Ambience track 29    Quiet hum heard in police stations
41    Ambience track 35    Stadium event bkgd medley
44    Ambience track 18    Fast Food Joint bkgd sounds
48    Ambience track 3    Ammunation PA loop
50    Ambience track 39    Quiet hum heard in warehouses
51    Ambience track 22    Very loud hum heard in cargo plane?
52    Radio stream CH    Playback FM
53    Radio stream CO    K-ROSE
54    Radio stream CR    KDST
55    Radio stream DS    Bounce FM
56    Radio stream HC    SFUR
57    Radio stream MH    Radio Los Santos
58    Radio stream MR    Radio X
59    Radio stream NJ    CSR
60    Radio stream RE    K-JAH West
61    Radio stream RG    MasterSounds
62    Radio stream TK    WCTR
64    Ambience track 17    Unused quiet hum
66    Ambience track 36    Strip Club bkgd medley
67    Ambience track 37    Unused bkgd medley
Notes: Any ID value from 0-70 inclusive not listed above generated no background sound.
Audio 4 type two only
Audios 5, 10, 12, and 13 disabled by default, can be re-enabled


This creates permanent parked vehicles around the state. This section is similar to the opcode 014B, the only difference to the opcode is that an IPL-Spawned car got an check if another car is already parked in an specific radius at this position. Rockstar used it only in binary IPLs but it can also be used in regular IPLs.


X, Y, Z, angle, car id, primary color, secondary color, force_spawn,
alarm_probability, door_lock_probability, unknown (word), unknown (word)

Angle is in radian units: degrees/~57.2958
Car ID can be random: -1
Vehicles spawn more reliably if force_spawn is true: 1


This creates occlusion boxes around San Andreas.


direct mid x, direct mid y, bottom height z, width x, width y, height from bottom height to top,



In San Andreas, this was never used in the game. This section is currently unknown and may never be known; it is ignored by the game. It apply's to GTA 4 as well.


Binary (De-)Compiler
GTA SA IPL Documentation

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